Wednesday, January 11, 2006


President George W. Bush on Wednesday tried to shape election-year debate on the Iraq war by warning critics their rhetoric could embolden the enemy and weaken the morale of U.S. troops.

Preparing for a tough campaign against Democrats in the run-up to congressional elections in November when he will try to keep the U.S. Congress in the hands of his Republican Party, Bush acknowledged his decision to invade Iraq almost three years ago was not universally popular.

"I can understand folks who say, 'I wish you hadn't done that,"' he said, adding later, "I expect there to be an honest debate about Iraq ... people can help by making sure the tone of this debate is respectful and is mindful about what messages out of the country can do for morale of our troops."

He said he welcomed dissenting voices, but "what I don't like is when somebody said he lied or they're in there for oil or he's doing it only because of Israel."
Well, sure, George-- you may not LIKE it, but that hardly means it is wrong either.

And of course, he pulls out the support the troops demagoguery card whenever possible.

Seems to me a better way of supporting the troops would have been if Bush never invaded in the first place, but if he HAD to invade (for some reason), to have a FUCKING POST-INVASION PLAN, BETTER HUMVEE ARMOR AND PROPER BODY ARMOR FOR THE TROOPS.