Saturday, February 18, 2006

Purposeful Genocide Deserves Impeachment

Even if there were no phony, illegal, staged wars going on,

Even if the president had never authorized deadly weaponized uranium to be used in our guns and tanks,

Even if there was no Patriot Act denying Americans their freedom,

Even if there was nothing that would lead us to believe that 9/11 was the inside job many scholars now believe it was,

Even if the president was not cutting education and other vital services citizens require,

Even if the U.S. was not outsourcing our jobs,

Even if the administration was not cutting the taxes of the ultra-wealthy,

Even if the Oval Office did not condone unthinkably cruel and inhumane torture,

Even if the president did not order illegal surveillance of its citizens,

Even if the White House did not lie about having ever met a certain notorious criminal lobbyist,

Even if the administration had no knowledge whatsoever of the Plame scandal,

Even if the president was not pushing for judges who want to return the U.S. to the time of the Dark Ages,

Even if the administration was doing an otherwise wonderful job,

On the basis of Katrina alone, this administration needs to be removed promptly.

They DID THIS to New Orleans. They can – and very well might – do this to other cities, too.

Every single American who knows what happened in New Orleans should be concerned about our families’ own personal wellbeing. For what happened was not mere negligence nor incompetence, but rather purposeful genocide among predominantly lower income Black Americans.

When are human lives seen as expendable? This is an outrage unto itself and a cause for serious concern, despite all other heinous crimes committed in the past five years by this administration. And this expendability of our citizens should be of paramount concern, because it has implications for the wellbeing of every single one of us.

This administration has declared war on America. It therefore needs to be removed using every means available – and as quickly as possible. Asking our members of Congress to “please” do this is not enough. Waiting for elections to change the tide is not enough.

We must reach not only the disenfranchised, the poor, the persons of color, but also every person of conscience in order to gather together to organize and throw this criminal regime in prison – with the keys thrown away.

We must vocalize our sheer outrage at what has happened with Katrina to hundreds of thousands of citizens who have lost everything due to the purposeful actions of those in the highest positions of power in our nation.

We must begin to make a big noise such as has not been heard previously in this nation’s history. We must each take personal responsibility to do all we can to awaken our neighbors, our families, our friends to these crimes that have been committed against the most vulnerable members of our society, quite on purpose.

We’ve got tremendous power on our side by virtue of sheer numbers, so we certainly can do this. But we must work hard in order to exercise our power and our strength. The only way this can happen is if each and every single citizen does his/ her part.

The criminals in the highest positions of government will continue to go on and on from one year to the next … until we, the citizens, stop them. And unfortunately not even one of us has the luxury of thinking that it is someone else’s place to worry about and deal with this. We can no longer pass the buck. Each and every single one of us has the duty, the responsibility to act.

In years past, we may have been able to let ourselves off the hook by thinking that if wrongdoing had been committed, then Congress will certainly take care of it. But we have seen, however, with both what happened with their crimes of 9/ 11 and with the phony justifications of military invasions into Afghanistan and Iraq, that Congress is not taking action against the administration – nor against its own complicity in these events.

All other actions aside, this administration fully and knowingly caused thousands of people to die with Katrina, and hundreds of thousands more lives were devastated.

There is no one else who can take these necessary actions against this administration for its crimes.

There is only you and me. (more at link)