Saturday, May 06, 2006

Bad to Worse

Figures Bush would replace the disgraced Porter Goss with what appears to be the worst possible choice: NSA spy chief General Michael "evesdropping" Hayden.

I guess Bush really wants to shove his illegal spying activities in American's faces again, as this HAS to come up in confirmation hearings.

I only hope someone will ask Hayden about this:
Gen. Michael Hayden refused to answer question about spying on political enemies at National Press Club. At a public appearance, Bush's pointman in the Office of National Intelligence was asked if the NSA was wiretapping Bush's political enemies. When Hayden dodged the question, the questioner repeated, "No, I asked, are you targeting us and people who politically oppose the Bush government, the Bush administration? Not a fishing net, but are you targeting specifically political opponents of the Bush administration?" Hayden looked at the questioner, and after a silence called on a different questioner. (Hayden National Press Club remarks, 1/23/06)