Friday, December 15, 2006

War Lies: Trusting the Generals

Right now Bush is reportedly leaning towards sending more troops to Iraq -- a "surge," as we keep hearing. But the military commanders -- including the very same General Casey whose "recommendations will determine the number of troops we have on the ground in Iraq," as Bush himself said -- appear to be leaning against recommending that more troops be sent.

I know this is an embarrassingly simple point, but still: Now that Bush appears to be favoring a solution at odds with that of the recommendations of his commanders, why doesn't it matter that back when they were telling him what he wanted to hear, Bush said unequivocally again and again and again that the commanders would determine troop levels? Why have we agreed to forget this? Why isn't it in every news story about this stuff? Or better, why isn't it in virtually any stories about it?

British lies.