Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Most Americans Want an Investigation of the Bush Administration

Because of Sen. Patrick Leahy calling for investigations into possible criminal behavior by the Bush administration, Gallup ran some polls. The results?

QuestionCriminal InvestigationInvestigation by independent panelNeither
Possible Attempts to use Justice Dept. for political purposes41%30%25%
Possible use of telephone wiretaps without a warrant38%25%34%
Possible use of torture in terror investigations38%24%34%
For the full break down see Gallup.

What this clearly shows is that a majority of Americans want to see an independent panel put together to investigate the Bush administration at the very least. President Obama has stated publicly that he is more interested in looking forward when asked about these types of investigations. And of course he should. Attacking the previous administration would polarize Washington more than ever, virtually guaranteeing that the Republican Party would dig in their heels and become the "Road Block" Party.

But make no mistake about it, if the Executive Branch is never taken to task for illegal or immoral behavior then we will have abandoned the critical balance of powers that has made our country strong. The Nixonian idea that if the President does something it is by definition legal needs to be debunked once and for all. It is too dangerous a precedent to set.

We can't wait for executive leadership on this issue, we have to use our voices as citizens to encourage our representatives on the hill to support investigations into the wrong-doings of the Bush administration. Write your Senator and Congressperson in support of Sen. Leahy's call for a special commission to investigate the illegal behavior of the Bush administration. Without active pressure your representative may not put their neck out on this issue. Make your voice heard!