Sunday, November 14, 2010

A "Blind" Bush Misled by Cheney; Bush Book Shows Lameness and Lies

As several observers have previously noted, Bush in his memoir repeatedly complains of being "blindsided." He was "blindsided" by the pictures of torture at Abu Ghraib, an utterly predictable outcome of his administration's decision to disregard previously inviolable rules respecting the basic human rights of detainees. He was "blindsided" by the controversy within his own Justice Department about warrantless surveillance techniques that were blatantly illegal. He was "blindsided" by the financial crisis, a side effect of an administration ethos that big business could do no wrong and that regulators were the problem.

The common theme is that these three areas were among the many that Bush essentially arrogated to Cheney.

Bush: I was worried Cheney wouldn’t be my friend if I didn’t pardon Scooter Libby

Ouch-- Matthew Norman: How did this wastrel ever find his way to the White House? It takes a certain minimal intelligence for the truly dim to have a notion of their own dimness, but this is denied George Bush. He has the self-awareness of a bison. "There seems even less to him than met the eye, and there was precious little of that. Astounding as it appears, we misoverestimated him."

Former British intelligence chairman all but calls Bush liar, says waterboarding didn’t stop terror plots.