Thursday, March 16, 2006

Blast from the Past

Proof of Election Fraud in 2004:
The final fixed exit poll shows how the electorate of 2004 broke down compared to 2000. And what it reveals is that in order for Bush to win, a virtually impossible thing happened: every single Bush voter from 2000 also went out and again voted in 2004. That is, no Bush voter passed away from 2000 to 2004 or for whatever reason, could not vote in 2004. It is perhaps the greatest electoral miracle that Karl Rove has ever performed!

Here are the numbers:

Total Votes, 2004
Bush ......... 60,934,251
Kerry ........ 57,765,291
Other ......... 1,105,242

Total ........119,804,784

The 'fixed' exit poll says that of these 120 million voters, 43 percent voted for Bush in 2000, 37 percent voted for Gore in 2000, 3 percent voted for Nader/Other in 2000, and 17 percent did not vote in 2000.

Translating this into numbers this means that of the 120 million voters in 2004, 51.5 million voted for Bush in 2000, 44.3 million voted for Gore in 2000, 3.6 million voted for Nader/Other in 2000, and 20.4 million did not vote in 2000. Sounds nice.

But in 2000, Bush received only 50,456,169 votes. So 102 percent of Bush's 2000 base returned to polls, compared to 87 percent of Kerry's base. This is impossible! And this is important, because the exit polls show that Kerry won new voters, Kerry won voters who did not vote in 2000 (54 to 45), and Kerry overwhelming won voters who voted for Nader or someone else in 2000 (71 to 21). Also, the exit poll shows that Bush and Kerry swapped about an equal number of voters in 2004 -- ten percent of Gore voters went for Bush in 2004 while nine percent of Bush (2000) voters went for Kerry in 2004.

So the only way that Bush won the election in 2004, was by having a better turnout of his base. His turnout was so good, that it was mathematically impossible! First, obviously some Bush voters passed away from 2000 to 2004. Let's be conservative and say that only 2 percent of Bush's 2000 voters died between 2000 and 2004 - that is, just over 1,000,000. That leaves us with at most 49,450,000 potential Bush-2000 voters. This means that even if every single Bush voter from 2000 returned to the polls in 2004, it could only be 41.3 percent of the electorate, not 43%. And even that assumption is highly unlikely.
Yeah, yeah, I know-- exit polls are bad, blah blah blah, and some people probably said they voted for Bush in 2000 when they really didn't. But STILL... this is an awfully suspicious finding coupled with the other irregularities from 2004.