Monday, June 05, 2006

Was There Serious Vote Fraud in Ohio in the 2004 Election?

Of course there was.

Was it enough to swing the election?

Almost certainly.

Are many liberals, including prominent bloggers in denial about the fraud?


Isn't this disgusting?


Why don't these self-described Democratic activists more upset of about the fact that the presidency was stolen?

I really don't know. Maybe they are conservative moles. Maybe they are afraid of anything that has been labelled a "conspiracy theory". Maybe they don't want to deal with it as the implications are too disturbing (like 9/11). Either way, their apathy is disgusting, appalling, pathetic and cowardly.

Here is Robert F. Kennedy Jr's "Rolling Stone" article.

Here is are some putative liberals poo-poohing the accusation that election was stolen: Chris Bowers, the Poorman, and most notably "Salon" magazine's Farhad Manjoo.

Of course, big-time liberal blogers like Atrios and Kos won't even touch the story.

Here is Bob Fitrakis rebutting Manjoo.

Here is a five-part analysis of Manjoo versus Kennedy by "Mercury Rising":

Bottom line, is that there is much to take seriously about Kennedy's article-- even if a few statistics are used in ways that certain people don't approve of.

Interestingly, many Kos diaries and DU posts have supported the Kennedy article, as you might imagine. It's always the noisy rabble who believes in "silly" things like stolen election-- and only the big boys know better than to treat these claims seriously.
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